L’ appartement au 70 rue Costo Caoudo

Welcome to 70 rue Costo Caoudo which means « hot hill » in Provencal language!
This place is my little cocoon, the one that was a real challenge for me! Located on the southern side of the village, the apartment was an agricultural storage in the last century. Having become a painter’s studio in the 1940s, it was finally left to rest for a few years. The potential was there, I embarked on the renovation of this completely atypical place.

My goal was to create a warm and comfortable place inside this 30m² tunnel with the only openings being a front door and a small window.
What I immediately liked was the vaulted ceiling which gives it a Mediterranean troglodyte house look. Old materials, antique pieces and designer objects were added to decorate and structure this space.
The old tiles on the floor were preserved, the walls were coated with off-white plaster, which made it possible to smoothly homogenize the volumes and lines and above all to provide this place with all the light it needed. The walls of the house are so thick that the temperature is pleasant in both summer and winter.

It’s an ideal place to recharge your batteries, take some time to get together, read, disconnect, or simply do nothing. You will feel like you are in a bubble.
Take some time to discover this pretty, authentic village in the South Luberon, where you can admire the famous « pond » by which you can enjoy a delicious ice cream!


So you can feel just like at home, I picked a few local and organic products you will find in the apartment :

Maisons Clotilde bath products made at La Sapernelle in Pernes les Fontaines
Olive oil from the domaine les Conques Soulière
Honey from the Agnel family
Tea and tisanes Nuvem.tea
The home's equipment
  • Household linen: sheets, bath towels and tea towels provided
  • Electric radiators and fan (NO AIR CONDITIONING IN THE ACCOMMODATION)
  • Fridge
  • Hob
  • Combined oven
  • Nespresso machine
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Wifi
  • Connected speaker
  • Towel dryer
  • Hair dryer


What a great idea to make a gift to mark a special occasion or simply to please, you can contact me by email, together we will create
a tailor-made gift!


The apartment is a unique place that can be rented for a shooting, more info and quotes by email!



70 rue de Costo Caoudo
84160 Cucuron